Distribution & Warehousing Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Today, accurate and quick order-picking and distribution are key to successful business performance. Maintaining your operations at optimal standards means creating the most reliable and highest-quality system possible, and for that, you need the best partner you can find.

Growing demand of B2C has resulted in the emergence of multiple delivery models and distribution hub types:

  • Receiving Centres
  • Fulfillment Centres
  • Sortation Centres
  • Traditional Distribution Centres

Most of these involve a basic model of receiving (infeed), sorting and dispatching (outfeed) which we concentrate on in this section.

“Not only do we have quality belting for logistics, we go one step further through our fabrication and service capabilities. Trust our dedicated service professionals to improve your uptime.”
Florian Kley
Global Industry Segment Manager Logistics


“Black Belt in Belting!”
New RAPPLON® Flat Belts for the Logistics Industry

Recommended Products*

*Recommended Products are some examples of our solutions in a specific process. Consult your local Ammeraal Beltech expert to determine the most appropriate belt type, colour and material combination for your specific requirements and local stock availability.

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