Wire Belts Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Rydell Beltech offers a full selection of woven and flat formed wire belting. Our comprehensive range is of the highest quality and includes all wire or metal belts constructed in food quality high grade stainless steel.

All our belts are made to your specifications, so anything is possible depending on your application. We offer a full belt solution package, and believe in selling the best belt for the application. As a true one stop belt shop, we assess your requirements and offer solutions with various options, so you know you are selecting the best belt for your needs.

Spiral Wire Belts

Spiral wire belts are used extensively in the food industry and are manufactured in a variety of ways including the unique self stacking belt.


High Temperatures and Extreme Conditions

Our wire belts are suitable for baking, cooking and crumbing.

Able to withstand high temperatures and extreme conditions, they are the industry choice in Australia.


Custom Made

All our wire belts are specially made to your requirements, and are available in many different sizes, pitches and wire diameters.

Our dedicated team can work with you to provide a solution to your next wire belt project.


The best belt for the right job!

Our experience is your advantage


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