Flexco Belt Fasteners Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Rydell Beltech carries a wide selection of Flexco belt fasteners and equipment to suit a wide variety of belt installations. From food grade stainless steel to general purpose galvanised steel belt joiners, we can supply them in boxes or loose to suit your particular belt. Choosing the proper mechanical belt fastening system is one of the most important steps in splicing a belt. Talk to us for the best advice on the right fastener to suit you.

Alligator Staple Fasteners

The Flexco RS Alligator Staple fasteners are ideal for a wide variety of light and medium duty fastener applications. The system features one-piece fastener strips with pre-inserted staples that speed installation and keep downtime to a minimum. One of the most widely used fasteners in the Australian market.


Flexco Clipper Wire Hook

The Flexco Clipper Wire Hook range of fasteners are designed with a variety of different wires diameters, leg and point lengths, metals and styles to meet your individual application needs. They are installed with inexpensive equipment and suited to a wide selection of belts.


Fastener Installation Tools

We offer a comprehensive range of fastener installation tools so you can fit them yourself to reduce costly downtime and save on-site labour costs.


Rydell Beltech is committed to offering the best products to make your belt conveyor as productive as possible.

Rydell Beltech & Flexco, partners in productivity

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