As a member of Ammega Group, we are committed to becoming more and more responsible toward the world by reducing our impact on the planet by working on new technological raw materials made by partners using the most ecological sustainable technologies.

We aspire to be the local partner of choice for sustainable belting solutions around the globe.



As member of Ammega Group, our overall vision for managing the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) impact that we cause is to monitor it through dedicated management systems, and to integrate processes and policies across the organisation in order to address it.

We take our social responsibility seriously and strive to do business in a way that minimises the negative impacts and maximises the positive value creation objectives for our external stakeholders, our employees, the environment, and the society in which we operate.



Energy Saving

Drive energy efficiency through less power consumption and lower operating costs.

Optimal energy saving by minimising unnecessary operations and by minimising friction and resistance to forward motion in the system in the possible.

3 basic factors:

  1. Conveyor design and component specification
  2. Drive sizing and mechanical efficiency
  3. Conveyor belt design properties


PET Fabric

Our planet is the most valuable asset. We know this, and that is why we are using the recycling technology to revolutionise the world of belting as we know it. We’re leading the way to launch the production of conveyor belts with fabrics obtained from PET bottles.

With recycled fabrics, we introduce the opportunity to run your business in a more sustainable way, supporting the well-being of the planet. What’s more, we aim to introduce this technology to every industry and application.

PET bottles are not a waste anymore. They’re the potential to thrive on - for your business and the Earth.



New belts are made within the SAFE & CLEAN concept with common target related to the highest levels of hygiene and cleanability.


  • International standards (EC 1935/2004 and FDA)
  • Belt characteristics to achieve ISO 22000 requirements
  • Innovative solutions to avoid migration
  • Full belt material traceability records


  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Cleaning cost drastically reduced
  • Lowest amount of water, detergent and labour time required
  • Cleaning in motion possible
  • Control of cross contamination due to blue belt/food product


Circle Links

Sustainable thinking is the foundation of our brand. That is why we always think of new ways to work for our planet and the environment. Circle Links is a concept based on recycling. During their intense life cycle, belts can be damaged or worn down, and, after some time, rendered useless. At the end of this cycle, belts are disposed of. But what if that was not the end of their journey?

We suggest collecting the old and damaged belts to recycle them through a patented plastic resin sorting technology. In effect, the recovered polymer material is reused in a new link with up to 100% recycled material. We believe that circularity is the new standard and there is no compromise on the quality of belts when compared to the standard materials. Recycling the polymers to reuse them in a new belt life cycle is the future of our business.

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