AMMcare – the digital revolution for efficient conveyor belt management! Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Have you experienced difficulties with looking up your belt specifications when it needed to be replaced? Have you struggled with identifying it quickly and correctly? With AMMcare this is no longer an issue! 

Scan the QR code and AMMcare will take care of the rest! Discover such benefits as: 

  • Instant access to technical datasheets, certifications, and belt specifications. 
  • Uncomplicated insight into the maintenance history of your conveyor belts. 
  • Easy submission of enquiries and orders for conveyor belt replacements. 
  • Direct contact with your Ammeraal Beltech experts whenever you need them.

AMMcare reduces the risk of errors and saves a lot of time at the touch of a button. Choose this intelligent technology today!

AMMcare is now being enjoyed by our customers in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. New countries are being added every month. Contact your local representative to learn when you can start using AMMcare.  

AMMcare is a connected product which allows you to access real-time data within seconds and thus better optimise your processes, predict maintenance issues, and store required documentation.  


Main Benefits 

Breakdowns and downtimes under control 

Swiftly tackle breakdowns and replacements with instant access to all crucial details about your conveyor belt or installation, ensuring quick reaction times. 

 Minimised ordering errors 

Minimise ordering errors with pre-registered specifications and IDs. Scan QR codes to effortlessly identify the specific belt involved. 

 No audit surprises  

Stay audit-ready at all times with real-time access to up-to-date food safety declarations and certifications for each conveyor belt. 

 Easily accessible information 

AMMcare allows you to have all belt information at your fingertips, from when it was installed to the day of the inspection. 

 Direct contact with experts 

AMMcare opens up direct channels of communication with company experts. If you encounter an issue or need guidance, you can quickly reach out to the right individuals, minimising delays and downtimes.

Contact your experts for quick support.

  • Quick quotation and order requests 
  • Easy access to datasheets and certifications 
  • Instant access to all belt information, including maintenance history 
  • Easy and direct contact with Ammeraal Beltech experts

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