Homogeneous Belts Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Ammeraal Beltech offers a wide range of homogeneous belts. With 75 years of experience in the Food Industry, Ammeraal Beltech knows OEM’s and End Users are always looking for ways to increase food safety and productivity. That is why we developed the ultimate hygienic conveyor belt range: Soliflex.

Soliflex is made from a single piece of homogeneous plastic so it cannot fray and contaminate food. It is also very easy to clean, requiring less water & time to sanitize.

The Soliflex range consists of 5 Positive Drive belts as well as a friction-driven option.

  • Soliflex Center Bar
  • Soliflex Full Bar
  • Soliflex Full Bar mini
  • Soliflex PRO
  • Soliflex PRO mini

Our Soliflex belts are available in a variety of teeth and sprocket configurations to suit your application. Some of the prime industries for Soliflex include but are not limited to:

  • Meat & Poultry
  • Fish & Seafood
  • Vegetable Processing
  • Bakery & Confectionary
  • Dairy

Learn more about Volta Homogenous Belts

  • Soliflex PRO Belts

    Soliflex PRO Belts

    Soliflex PRO is a positive drive belt, driven by a lug and sprocket system. This system reduces the energy required to run your conveyor and at the same time delivers ultimate tracking; thus virtually maintenance-free.

    • Highest hygiene level
    • Optimised production throughput
    • Reduced operational costs
    • Proven technology
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  • Soliflex CB & FB (mini)

    Soliflex CB & FB (mini)

    Soliflex CB (Center Bar) and Soliflex FB (Full Bar) are positive drive belts, driven by rows of lateral bars and sprocket system.

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  • Our Soliflex Belts

    Our Soliflex Belts

    Soliflex Belts offer:

    • Smooth & solid homogeneous belt surface – no crevices or hinges which can trap bacteria (resulting in longer product shelf life)
    • No fabric layer (no fraying means no product contamination)
    • Conforms to major international food standards
    • Scraper friendly
    • Blue Belt and accessories for increased Food Safety
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