SAFE & CLEAN Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Ammeraal Beltech's New Food Safety Belt Concept

Food Safety is more important than ever!

As a leading manufacturer of Process and Conveyor Belts, particularly for the Food Industry, Ammeraal Beltech is constantly developing new generations of products and solutions focused on hygiene, the bedrock of both your business and ours.

Confidence in your Food Safety is perhaps the paramount reason for choosing Ammeraal Beltech as a belt supplier. Our modular uni UCB (UltraClean Belt) and our homogeneous Volta Belts are good examples of belts made according to our new SAFE & CLEAN concept in mind, an initiative whose goal is to deliver the highest possible levels of hygiene and cleanability in Food Industry belting.

Setting the standard in belting technology and safety regulations for the Food Industry


Ammeraal Beltech provides Food Safety solutions based on:

  • Compliance with international standards, including EC 1935/2004, EU 10/2011, and FDA and USDA regulations and standards
  • Designs, colors and materials that help support your ISO 22000 requirements (previously HACCP)
  • Innovative solutions to reduce migration to foodstuffs
  • Easily accessible records for full belt material traceability


Ammeraal Beltech's easy-to-clean belts offer:

  • Quicker cleaning times and less labour
  • Drastically reduced cleaning costs
  • Water conservation and lower levels of detergent use
  • Unique designs that offer bacteria fewer places to hide
  • The possibility of cleaning a belt that is in motion
  • Greater control over cross-contamination, thanks to blue belt / food product contrast

For more information, please see our SAFE & CLEAN brochure.

Setting the Food Safety standard in belting technology for the Food Industry

Volta products are not available in all areas. Contact your Ammeraal Beltech Sales Office for additional information.

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