Flat Homogeneous and Sprocket Driven Belting Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Rydell Beltech carries a wide selection of flat homogeneous and sprocket driven belting to suit many food grade applications. Homogeneous belts have become popular due to their sealed edges that prevent the ingress of microbes and their urethane construction is easily cleaned and assists in the reduction of in-process bacteria growth.

PosiClean® Food Grade Belting

PC20 belting guarantees superior hygiene levels and works like a positive drive modular belt. It runs on similar sprockets and is a good alternative where extreme cleanability is required. It has kevlar reinforcement for stability and is the best choice for any conveyors where hygiene is of the utmost importance.


Sidewall and Cleats

Our sprocket driven and flat homogeneous belts can be fitted with sidewall and cleats of various heights to suit a wide variety of applications. We use the latest high frequency machines to ensure a strong hygienic bond for long life and less downtime. We can fit these on site, if required.


Homogeneous Flat and Elastic Belts

We have the widest selection of homogeneous flat and elastic belts to suit many food applications.

Ask us for a site visit to ascertain the best belt for you.


Rydell Beltech has the product knowledge and range to deliver perfect results every time.

Food hygiene matters

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