Meat and Poultry Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Ammeraal Beltech provides belting solutions that match the Meat and Poultry Industry’s needs, such as hygienic design and Food Safety, durable and efficient processing and ease of cleaning.

  • Unique Modular Belts constructed to minimise fissures where bacteria can hide and where knife blades can get caught or fragment
  • Synthetic Belts with antimicrobial covers and KleenEdge non-fray edges to eliminate contamination
  • Easy-to-clean characteristics that reduce water waste

For all the process steps right up to end of line packaging, our belts help you maintain the highest levels of Food Safety without sacrificing efficiency or production time.

“Belting solutions that are ‘A cut above the rest’ in the Meat & Poultry Industry. Food Safety, durability and cleanability make our belts prime choices for your applications.”
Sander Bakker
Global Industry Segment Manager Meat, Poultry & Seafood

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