Meet Duratemp – our new heat-resistant synthetic belt Ammeraal Beltech brand bars


One of the most significant challenges in the bakery industry is heat resistance. In this industry, it’s not enough that conveyor belts are efficient and meet hygienic standards. They also need to withstand constant heat and operate without delaminating. When temperatures are elevated, traditional belts often falter due to degradation, maintenance issues, and safety concerns.  

That’s why we came up with the idea for the Duratemp belt. It’s designed to perform flawlessly at constant temperatures of 115°C and withstanding heat spikes up to 130°C. Our heat-resistant compound has been constructed to resist the browning effect better than other thermoplastic belts on the market.

Although Duratemp’s crucial feature is withstanding high temperatures, it does not mean we have forgotten about food safety. Thus, Duratemp meets standards for EC 1935/2004, EU 10/2011, and FDA requirements. Its non-stick surface reduces the risk of contamination. The belt is also compatible with metal detector systems, providing additional support in protection against foreign object pollution.  

With decades of expertise in providing conveyor solutions across various industries, we have developed the Duratemp belt to address the specific needs of the bakery sector. Whether used for traditional bakery products like bread and cookies or specialised items such as pizzas and tortillas, Duratemp's purpose-designed features ensure optimal performance and durability. The excellent longitudinal flexibility enables the belt to run over a fixed knife edge. 

This remarkable heat resistance provides consistent performance and longevity supporting your most challenging applications. Would you like to learn more? Contact us! 

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