Change of Ownership of Ammeraal Beltech and Megadyne Group Ammeraal Beltech brand bars


Partners Group, the global private markets investment manager, who recently agreed to acquire Ammeraal Beltech from Advent International, has just announced that they have agreed to acquire Megadyne Group, a leading manufacturer of power transmission belts, from Astorg.

Once the acquisitions of Ammeraal and Megadyne have closed later this year, subject to anti-trust clearances and other regulatory approvals, Partners Group would in a next step plan to support a merger of the two companies, which have highly complementary product and service offerings.

The potential merger between Ammeraal and Megadyne would be to the benefit of our customers. It would create a full service industry champion across specialist industrial transmission belting and lightweight conveyor belting, further strengthening cornerstones of our business strategy: our One-Stop Belt Shop concept and customer proximity for optimised service.

Since its founding in 1950, Ammeraal Beltech’s goal has always been to offer its customers the highest levels of customer service, industry expertise and product quality. This potential merger would leverage the mutual synergies of both organisations to create higher customer value and has the support of the Management Teams of both organisations.

Rest assured that meanwhile, the global Ammeraal Beltech team will remain focused and dedicated to serving our customers.

You can read the full Press Release from Partners Group by visiting their website.

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