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11-03-2024 hasta 14-03-2024

Ammeraal Beltech is excited to announce its participation in MODEX 2024Booth #A9922, the leading event for logistics and material handling professionals, happening March 11-14 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. As a pioneering force in the industry, Ammeraal Beltech is set to showcase a portfolio of products that demonstrate our relentless pursuit of innovation, excellence, and the ability to meet the evolving needs of the logistics and material handling sectors. 

Discover Our Innovative Solutions 

At MODEX 2024, Ammeraal Beltech will spotlight three exceptional products, each designed to address the unique challenges faced by logistics and material handling operations: 

Flexam EX: Leading our conveyor belt solutions, the Flexam EX series embodies the pinnacle of durability and impact resistance. Engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of processing and conveyor applications, these belts ensure exceptional performance under challenging conditions. Flexam EX enhances operational efficiency while offering reliability and longevity, thus minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. This series represents our dedication to innovation, capable of handling heavy loads, abrasive materials, and continuous operation, making it an ideal choice for industries demanding the highest durability and efficiency standards. 

Flexam Solid Woven: The Flexam Solid Woven series is a testament to our commitment to pioneering safe and sustainable conveyor solutions. With a perfect blend of strength and flexibility, these solid woven belts ensure smooth and efficient operations across various industries. Known for their robust construction, they are designed to maximize operational safety and minimize environmental impact. The advanced materials and design principles prioritize durability and eco-friendliness, making Flexam Solid Woven belts a cornerstone for businesses striving for a greener future in material handling. 

AMMDurance: Our latest innovation, AMMDurance, stands as a symbol of durability and sustainability in material handling. Made from recycled PET materials, it aligns with our commitment to reducing environmental impact without compromising performance. AMMDurance belts are designed to endure extreme operational demands, offering exceptional wear resistance and minimal maintenance. Their durability enhances operational efficiency and extends the service life of conveyor systems, presenting a sustainable, cost-effective solution for industries seeking to optimize their operations. 

Built American Proud 

Ammeraal Beltech's engagement at MODEX 2024 reflects our Built American Proud principle, showcasing our deep commitment to the U.S. market. This approach emphasizes our dedication to superior service, local expertise, and sustainable practices. By highlighting our innovative solutions at MODEX, we not only showcase our technological advancements but also our commitment to American manufacturing, job creation, and environmental stewardship. It's a demonstration of our belief in building a sustainable future together, with pride and excellence. 

Join Us at MODEX 

We cordially invite you to visit our booth #A9922 to experience firsthand the future of logistics and material handling. Discover how Ammeraal Beltech is leading the industry forward with our advanced solutions and commitment to excellence. Stay tuned for further updates, and make sure to mark your calendars for MODEX 2024. Join us in Atlanta to be part of a transformative event that is shaping the future of logistics and material handling. See you there! 

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