Non-stick belts

Duraclean Non-stick belts Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Ammeraal Beltech is a leading manufacturer of process and conveyor belting. Experience and extended application knowledge enabled Ammeraal Beltech to develop an innovative range of belts for Bakery Industry.

Through Ammeraal Beltech’s extensive understanding of the market needs, Duraclean addresses many challenges of our customers, making it a perfect solution for operations involving sticky products.

Manufactured with a unique top side coating, Duraclean provides low convey-side surface energy to improve the release of sticky
products often found in the Bakery & Confectionery food segments and more in general in the Food Industry.

Surface energy is a measure of adhesion of two materials - in our case, the product processed and the belt conveying surface. Our unique cover yields a very low surface energy measure which means excellent product release properties, less product waste, and more efficient line uptime, meaning less time cleaning your belt.

Duraclean Belt benefits

  • Excellent release properties
  • Cost saving in sanitation
  • Longer service life
  • Scraper friendly
  • Reduced cross contamination ingredients from belt to belt
  • Product waste reduction
  • Extended productivity
  • Low total cost of ownership

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