Your One-Stop Belt Shop Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Ammeraal Beltech has the widest portfolio of quality belts and accessories in the industry

One-Stop Belt ShopAmmeraal Beltech is a true One-Stop Belt Shop providing services and solutions to help process and convey an extraordinary range of products across nearly every industry.

However and whatever you’re conveying or processing, we can offer you everything you need in belting – all under one roof – enabling you to reduce your number of suppliers.

  • Synthetic Belts – a comprehensive range of process and conveyor belts

  • Lightweight Rubber Belts – the widest range of high-quality rubber covers

  • ZipLink® Belts – a handy solution to lost production time across all industrial sectors

  • Ultrasync Belts – synchronised conveying and positioning for high-speed and high-load capacity

  • Endless Woven Belts – seamless covers and profiles on endless woven fabric

  • Timing Belts – positive-drive belts for transport and positioning in synchronised processes

  • Engineered Timing Belts – custom or specialised belts (such as pull-down belts or feeder belts) made by adding a cover, usually machined, to a base belt; for a wide range of specific applications

  • Flat Belts – RAPPLON® high-performance belts for power transmission and high-speed conveying

  • Modular Belts – uni-chains belt solutions, with both straight-running and side-flexing belts

  • Steel and Plastic Chains – diverse solutions for a wide range of conveying applications

  • Soliflex Belts – homogeneous positive-driven ultra-hygienic belts with self-tracking features

  • Solicord Belts – blue food-grade V-belts and round belts

  • Ultrascreen Belts – mesh belts for use in food washing / drying applications

  • PTFE Belts – high-quality PTFE and silicone-coated belts for baking and cryogenic freezing applications

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