Ammeraal Beltech at Seafood Processing: From ship to shore – a safe catch Ammeraal Beltech brand bars


Seafood Expo Global 2019 is hosting, in the Seafood Processing halls, Ammeraal Beltech -- leading global supplier of specialist conveyor belting solutions with a long history of supporting the food industry in all its aspects. The company is showing a number of innovative products -- on stand 5802 in Hall 4 -- which bring new dimensions of efficiency and hygiene to the business of handling fish products.

Seafood Expo

Hygiene a core focus
At the heart of Ammeraal Beltech’s stand will be the company’s unique Soliflex homogeneous belts, which are focussed on delivering the highest levels of hygiene for fish handling. Easy to clean (they can even be cleaned in motion), and with maintenance-free tracking and customisable lug positioning; international food-safety legislation compliant; and offering optimal production throughput and reduced operational costs. A good example of these belts is the positive-drive Soliflex PRO mini belt, suitable for smaller pulley diameters for the processing of smaller, more delicate products.

Key engineering innovation
Also featured at the show is the uni MPB Modular 22% open belt, offering the highest tensile strength, and featuring a single link (so fewer link edges), and an easy-to-lock-and-remove smart pin. It is fitted with the company’s latest innovative contribution to efficient production: the new UltraClean Two-Part Sprocket® which, with unique hygienic design features, has proved a major improvement on food safety and is now a feature of the company’s advanced range of modular belting products for the food industry.

uni UltraClean Two-Part Sprocket

As a member of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), Ammeraal Beltech offers an extensive range of seafood industry appropriate belting solutions, including synthetic belts with antimicrobial covers – all of which are part of the company’s globally-accessible ‘One-Stop Belt Shop’.

‘Your catch is safe with us’
Industry Segment Manager Sander Bakker and the Ammeraal Beltech specialist seafood industry team are keen to demonstrate that ‘your catch is safe with us’ on stand 5802 in Hall 4 in Brussels, and to ‘demonstrate our specialism in this very demanding market at a time when a hygiene and food safety focus has never been more important’.

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