Dectyl Belts

Food Safety Metal Detectable Synthetic Belts against foreign bodies

A great step forward in Food Safety on risks of foreign bodies. 

We support the Food Industry in protecting consumers from the risk of pollution from broken plastic belt parts. Dectyl belts are like an insurance, protecting your brand reputation, preventing expensive product recalls.

Ammeraal Beltech solutions have always been a food product safeguard with belting solutions like:

  • Non-fray synthetic belts
  • Amseal, closed belt edges
  • AntiMicrobial belts
  • Non-stick, easy to clean belts

and now even with Dectyl Metal Detectable belts, helping you to detect contamination from plastic belting parts in all Food segments from Meat to Confectionery.

Ammeraal Beltech‘s experience offers the Dectyl belt range to detect broken belt fragments with proven sensitivity control level of your metal detector through test cards.

What‘s the smallest belt fragment that can be detected?
Minimum size depends on many factors such as type of metal detector, ring size, belt speed, vibrations, humidity, food product and fragment shape and position; that is why there is no industry standard, which makes Ammeraal Beltech DECTYL test cards unique.

Dectyl Belt features

Easy substitution, replacement 1:1 from classic standard belt to Dectyl with similar:

  • Lifetime
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Wear resistance
  • Joint technology
Dectyl Belt characteristics
  • Two versions
  • Matt finish for Non-stick release properties
  • Glossy in high grip for positioning, inclined conveying
Wide range of Dectyl accessories available
  • Amseal for sealed belt edges
  • Solid footless cleats
  • Tracking ropes
  • Bordoflex corrugated sidewalls


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