Our UltraScraper Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Scrapers are often a required system component in the Food Industry. Food items can stick to different types of process and/or conveying belts, even to belts with non-stick properties. For this reason, and because cleaning efficiency and effectiveness are key Food Industry issues, scrapers are used.

Metal-detectable and antimicrobial scrapers are useful in further promoting hygiene and efficient food processing


  • Some scrapers don't clean efficiently
  • Scrapers can wear out quickly
  • If there are positioning issues, scrapers can cause maintenance problems or even damage belts
  • Depending on the material used to make the scraper, food quality can be affected


Ammeraal Beltech’s UltraScraper, made of high-quality co-extruded materials, was designed to be used on most conveyor frames and provides the following advantages:

  • Metal detectable for increased Food Safety
  • Excellent cleaning effectiveness, thanks to the UltraScraper’s soft-lip feature (aligned to belt hardness)
  • Antimicrobial properties using silver ion technology to reduce bacterial build-up
  • Longer belt and scraper lifetime (less stress on the belt and splice from the scraper)
  • Suitable for different belt types (Synthetic, Homogeneous or Modular Belts)
  • Compliant with EC 1935/2004 and with FDA Food Grade regulations
Setting the Food Safety standard in belting technology for the Food Industry

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