AntiMicrobial Belts for Enhanced Hygiene Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

In focusing on hygiene in the food processing industry, Ammeraal Beltech has developed a wide range of AntiMicrobial belting, retaining the well known properties of the regular Food Grade belts.

The AntiMicrobial (AM) belting range – provided with Amseal closed belt edges – will help to keep the belt cleaner and reduce build-up of bacteria on the belt surface. Of course, maintaining and improving of cleaning procedures still remains essential*.

Ammeraal Beltech’s AntiMicrobial belting range uses non-migrating materials – a technology based on silver ions. The belt is proven safe for human contact and effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms.

Download our AntiMicrobial brochure for more information.

*Precaution: Protection against microbes begins with proper hygiene and cleanliness. Current cleaning and hygiene practices remain essential and have to be maintained. The antibacterial property does not replace current cleaning procedures. It will assist you in improving your hygiene levels, but is no protection against foodborn or disease causing bacteria.

“Food Safety is of paramount importance in the Food Processing Industry!”
Giuseppe Allais
Global Industry Segment Manager Food

AntiMicrobial belts will assist in:

  • Reducing/bringing down the counts from bacterial growth on the belt
  • Enhancing hygiene
  • Inhibiting the growth of bacteria

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