Discover the Impact Resistant Belt Range for Increased Durability and Strength Ammeraal Beltech brand bars


Discover our durable range with IR (Impact Resistant) technology. Belts with special fabric reinforcement are suitable for demanding applications where increased endurance and robustness are important, such as parcel sortation and airport baggage handling systems. Despite the challenging operational conditions, these products have a long lifespan and use less.


An Impact Resistant Belt Range: What Is It?

The new durable range with IR technology covers the belts developed to serve modern logistics centres, which need more strength to handle heavy loads at high speeds. The family includes Flexam belts as well as the newly developed Ropanol EX - a 3-ply carcass structure with low noise fabric top and bottom over a reinforced impact resistant ply. This state-of-the-art sortation and collection belt can be used in manual applications in place of traditional rubber belts, leading to significant cost savings.

An Impact Resistant Belt Range: Major Characteristics

The new durable range with IR technology is robust and long-lasting. The belts have excellent lateral stability, tear resistance and lace retention. They operate with far less noise since they rely on a twill weave fabrics technology.

Impact Resistant Belt Range: Major Applications

Impact Resistant belts are frequently used in transportation, automated sortation and both bulk and singulated conveyance. They demonstrate their worth wherever goods need to be collected, sorted, and accumulated. Conveyors that carry items from one level to another, such as incline and decline conveyors, can also benefit from this solution. Belts that are resistant to impacts find application in conveyors, too. The devices are commonly found in large facilities to speed up the loading and unloading of goods.

What Are the Benefits of Impact Resistant Belts?

Impact Resistant belts make handling of heavy loads easier. They can operate at high speeds with desired accuracy. Their low elongation means no need for re-tensioning and hence saving of time and costs. Reduced tears and gouges increase service lifespan.  Relative low weight, low friction on top and bottom sides, and due to high flexibility guarantee less energy consumption.

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