Introducing our strongest belt ever, the new uni AMB Ammeraal Beltech brand bars


It is with great pride that we introduce our strongest belt ever, the new uni AMB.

Since the late 90’s uni(-chains) has been a recognised high quality brand in automotive and heavy duty conveying applications.

With the uni CPB and XLB we have equipped many automotive plants with a large variety of plastic modular belt conveyor solutions, many off which are still being used today.

In 2012 we have introduced our innovative uni CSB belt which was later followed by our uni ACB belt. Both these belts are based on a patented insert technology which allows us to increase wear resistance and guarantee ESD safe conveyor belts without compromising strength or impact resistance. These belts also feature an offset pin position to allow for more wear area underneath the pin.

The uni AMB is our latest development using the patented insert technology and features an impressive 180,000N/m permissible tensile strength and will be available in a choice of standard materials such as regular POM-NL and flame-retardant POX-FR.

With the electrification in the automotive industry moving forward at high speed we recognise challenges for existing and new conveyor systems having to handle the much higher loads of produced electric vehicles.

Our new uni AMB is the answer to this challenge!

uni AMB

With easy retrofit options replacing our own uni XLB or CSB as well as other competitor's belts we can solve belt overload risks by significantly increasing the conveyor belt capacity.

The uni AMB sprockets, using our standard unique hinge driven concept, have an impressive strength of 15,000N per sprocket which ensures that the drive setup will always match the capacity of the belt.

The uni AMB belt accessories include extremely strong moulded car pushers, wear plate inserts, and electrical conductive-EC-inserts.


“Please contact us directly or through our local representatives for more information on the uni AMB. We look forward to serving you with our new and strongest solution.”
Jean-Pierre Claassen
Global Industry Segment Manager Automotive

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