Announcement acquisition Ammeraal Beltech brand bars


It’s a pleasure to announce that Ammeraal Beltech just completed the acquisition of T&T Inc.

T&T Inc. is based in Anyang-si, South Korea, and has been serving the belting industry for over 18 years.

The goal of this acquisition is to increase our penetration in the Korean market. The organisation has a strong focus on quality and customer service, which matches perfectly the strategy of Ammeraal Beltech.

What is more, T&T’s strengths in the airport, logistics and treadmill segments will provide opportunities, as Ammeraal Beltech has strong product propositions for these industries.

J.H. Kim, T&T’s current Managing Director will be joining Ammeraal Beltech / Ammega Korea as Vice-President, once the two companies are fully integrated. 

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