Ammeraal Beltech logs in at LIGNA Ammeraal Beltech brand bars


Ammeraal Beltech, world-leading conveyor belt suppliers, are exhibiting at the international trade show for woodworking and wood processing plant, machinery, and tools -- LIGNA, 27 - 31 May 2019, in Hanover.

Moving the product
One of the major concerns of wood processing industries is moving the product around during production processes or readying for shipment – and conveyor belts are key enablers in this respect. The work environment also requires belts that are durable, reliable and easy to clean and service. Ammeraal Beltech’s wide range of solutions and reputation for high-quality belts that deliver precision performance over a long lifetime, along with its global service network, have made them the choice for reliable and safe processing performance.

ZipLink® : innovative results with wood panels
The combination of wood fibers and resins, together with high temperatures and often high pressure applications, presents serious challenges for the conveyor belts used by panel board manufacturers. The innovative high-performance ZipLink® belting range optimises production time for, eg, MDF, HDF, particle board, OSB, and plywood. Easy to install, the belts’ construction has been formulated for optimal operative quality and reduced maintenance and downtime. It also eliminates splice failures and possible damage -- both to transported products, and to machine parts such as drums and slider beds. ZipLink® belts are already proven partners for such tasks as grinding, sanding, polishing, sawing, painting and pre-compressing.

‘One-Stop Belt Shop’LIGNA
Visitors to LIGNA will also be able to explore the wide range of options in Ammeraal Beltech’s established and well-recognised ‘One-Stop Belt Shop’, serving a multiplicity of tasks and industries, and the technical team look forward to discussing visitors’ needs and wants on Stand B78 in Hall 26 at LIGNA in Hanover.

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