New Product: Ropanol EM 8/2 0+00 light blue AS FG Ammeraal Beltech brand bars


There is no better location at which to launch a true innovation for the bakery industry than the iba exhibition in Munich, Germany; and Ammeraal Beltech, leading global suppliers of process and conveying solutions for the food industry, are doing just that.

Visitors to Stand 270, Hall A5, can see for themselves the brand-new Ropanol light blue belt, in action, on real dough sheeter equipment, and experience the highly-valuable element of visual control the belt delivers to the calibration of flour quantity and distribution.

High-quality, food-safe production – at lower cost
The Ammeraal Beltech Ropanol EM 8/2 0+00 light blue AS FG belt can make a real contribution to the dough quality and, at the same time, provide cost savings and helpful visual detection of any dough contamination. Since it enables the optimisation of standard flour dosage for dough, it also offers lower costs, and its outstanding non-stick surface delivers first-class product release properties. The blue belt colour makes efficient cleaning easier than with traditional white belts and, as with all Ammeraal Beltech Food Grade products, it complies with EC1935/2004, EU10/2011 and FDA food standards.

For more information read the full Press Release or download the brochure below.

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