New Product: Blue TPU Timing Belts Ammeraal Beltech brand bars


Ammeraal Beltech now offers a basic range of linear Timing Belts for the Food Industry. These belts are suitable for use in direct contact with food products. The blue colour of the food linear timing belts range follows a general market trend in the Food Industry.

Rhapsody in Blue
The transport or handling of food products does not only have high demands as regards automation technology, but it also has to meet hygiene standards. 

The belts have a hardness of 85 Shore A and are equipped with aramid cord and are produced without coiling noses in sealed constructions. The TPU surface is suitable for different coatings and for the welding of the cleats. 


  • T5 max. width 100 mm, cord packing 4 x 25
  • T5 max. width 100 mm, cord packing 6 x 16
  • T10 max. width 150 mm, cord packing 6 x 25
  • T10 max. width 150 mm, cord packing 9 x 16

The blue TPU Timing Belts are mainly intended for food production, processing and packaging applications.

Total Seal

For more information download the BlueSync Flyer below.

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