CFIA Rennes Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

14-03-2023 hasta 16-03-2023

Ammeraal Beltech will be exhibiting at CFIA Rennes 2023. The event takes place at Rennes Parc Expo in France, from 14 to 16 March.

About CFIA Rennes 2023

CFIA Rennes is one of the top events in the food processing sector with over 1600 exhibitors and 100 innovations each year. The place of the exhibition is divided into sections corresponding to showcased products, namely: 

  • ingredients and processed food products, 
  • equipment and processes, 
  • packing and conditioning.

CFIA Rennes gathers all professionals from the food industry and creates the opportunity to hear the experts discussing relevant topics like raw materials, packaging, and food trends. As Ammeraal Beltech, we cannot miss such a chance to meet you and share our voice in this debate. Our company began with innovations in food industry, and we’re now gladly joining the event to help you with our expertise. 

Why to Visit?

CFIA Rennes is an amazing option to meet business leaders and catch up with existing partners. You will observe more than 500 machines in operation, taste the flagship products of the future, touch and handle environmentally friendly packaging, and explore the issues of tomorrow through lectures and themed areas. Be sure to visit France for the whole package of inspirations! Some of the topic being covered include:

  • What will food processing factories look like in the future? 
  • What will the crisis in ingredients and raw materials change in the short, medium, and long term? 
  • How to attract younger people to the companies in the food-processing community?

Ammeraal Beltech for Food Industry

As a provider of conveying solutions, we’re joining the fair with our top innovations for food industry. At our booth, you’ll have the chance to experience:

  • AMMdrive belts - positive driven synthetic belts, hygienic and easy to clean;
  • Soliflex belts - their smooth surface will help you prolong product shelf life and their lack of fabric layer excludes possible contaminations. They work perfectly with scrapers and are easy to clean with less water, detergent, and time;
  • uni DTB - modular belts for red meat deboning and trimming, known for their long service lifetime and excellent cleanability; 
  • Dectyl belts - improving the level of food safety by being identifiable by metal detectors. The belts will help you protect the consumers from the risk of foreign body contamination. They keep your brand's reputation safe and prevent expensive product recalls.

At CFIA Rennes, we’ll present you also with our PET recycling initiative. We care for our planet and look for the ways to run both our and your business more responsibly. We are now leading the way towards the production of belts with fabrics obtained from recycled polyester. Such a process lowers carbon dioxide emissions, water usage, and energy consumption required to manufacture the fabrics.

Meet us!

Join CFIA Rennes and meet us! We’ll be happy to hear about your business challenges and find solutions that respond to your needs. Food safety, hygiene, efficient operations, and responsibility are in the centre of our designs. And if you don’t want to miss our coverage from the event, make sure to follow Ammeraal Beltech on LinkedIn.

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