The values of Ammeraal Beltech Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Customer centricity

We are customer-centric because we know that we succeed when our customers succeed and that customer satisfaction – which we measure – drives customer loyalty. We put the voice of the customer and their requirements at the heart of everything we do. Our unwavering goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations and to continuously improve so as to make doing business with us easier.

People focus

Our carefully selected people, experts in their fields, are our most valuable resource and our unique advantage. They are dedicated and passionate and deliver high performance, and we are committed to them in turn; to their personal welfare and to their professional and career growth. Our team values collaboration and makes every effort to develop, coach and train its members.


We encourage entrepreneurial thinking and empower our people to take intelligent risks and make sound decisions. At the same time, we also believe in ownership and accountability. We take pride in the company’s achievements and learn from our mistakes. We promote a culture of meritocracy and continuous learning.


We are part of a larger business community that we can help improve by working responsibly, by maintaining and increasing transparency, and by acting ethically and with integrity as good corporate citizens at all times.

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