Merge & Infeed belts with Zipflex Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Meet Zipflex, the latest innovation from Ammeraal Beltech, designed to transform the way you manage your conveyor systems.

This game-changing belt link insert simplifies belt swapping, reduces maintenance costs.

The belt’s design combines cover materials with a structured link mesh, which can be spliced at any length and joined with one single pin. As there is no splice area, there are also no weaker points in the whole belt, no extra thickness spots, or metal parts to damage machineries and goods.  




  • Low coefficient of friction of top cover​
  • Suitable for high-speed running applications​

Main applications in belting:

  • Logistics industry: Merge and infeed applications

*Consult your local Ammeraal Beltech expert to determine the most appropriate belt type, colour and material combination for your specific requirements and local stock availability. 

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