AMMdurance rPET

Sustainability and performance for logistics and airports

Discover the AMMdurance rPET, a solution that combines both - sustainability and performance!  

The AMMdurance rPET is an innovation that leverages energy-saving qualities and recycling technology to offer unparalleled benefits for both the environment and your business. 

Gain an advantage in sustainability 

By choosing the AMMdurance rPET, you contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption. Our double green concept combines energy-saving low-friction construction with recycled PET fabric, ensuring a positive impact on the planet and your operations. 

Improve working conditions 

As a conscious organisation, you understand the importance of a comfortable and noise-free environment. The AMMdurance rPET low-noise design significantly reduces noise pollution, creating more pleasant surroundings for your team. 

Ensure superior performance 

You don’t have to compromise on performance. The AMMdurance with recycled fabrics maintains the high-quality performance you’ve come to expect while enabling sustainable practices. Achieve highly efficient and more sustainable results without sacrificing functionality. The result is superior long-term endurance combined with stable, long-lasting performance. 

Strengthen your brand reputation 

Strengthen your position of a trusted leader in sustainability. By choosing the AMMdurance rPET, you demonstrate your commitment to responsible resource management and environmental stewardship. Increase your brand reputation, attract environmentally conscious investors, and grow the value of your business. Stay devoted to transparency and follow the best practices for limiting impacts.

Building a partnership for sustainability with Heathrow Airport 

AMMdurance has undergone rigorous testing at the renowned Heathrow Airport, the largest airport in the United Kingdom, which provided testimonial confirming the solution’s exceptional performance and sustainability features. The partnership with Vanderlande at Heathrow Airport reinforces the effectiveness and reliability of AMMdurance in real-world operational environments. 


How does the AMMdurance rPET work? 

The AMMdurance rPET combines the energy-saving design with recycling technology. We’ve developed a special technique of dry fabric treatment, which we apply to the underside of the EX low-noise fabric to reduce the friction between the belt and the underlying machinery. Lower friction enables reduced power consumption and thus superior energy efficiency. The technique additionally protects the fabric against dirt and shrinkage, facilitating its longevity and wear resistance. The fabric used in the AMMdurance rPET is obtained from recycled PET bottles.  

What is rPET? 

rPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate. It is a type of plastic that is made by recycling old plastic bottles and containers, helping to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills and save energy and resources that would be used in the production of new plastic. 

Who can benefit from AMMdurance rPET? 

The AMMdurance rPET can benefit a wide range of industries, however, it was specifically designed to relieve the pressure to reduce costs, energy consumption, and emissions within the airport and logistics industries. The conveyor system at a distribution centre can account for as much as 50% of its electrical load while transport belts at a baggage handling facility may constitute even 85% of the system’s energy consumption. The AMMdurance rPET helps to optimise this proportion bringing in energy efficiency and minimised running costs. 

Choose the AMMdurance rPET for: 

  • Consistent energy savings
  • Reduced ecological footprint
  • Minimised contamination and belt shrinkage  
  • Longer belt life  
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime 
  • Superior cost savings  


Quick wearing/migrating coatings attract dirt, grime and pollutants causing belts to wear and shrink. This leads to higher energy consumption and shorter belt life.
“AMMdurance rPET, the most energy-efficient conveyor belt on the market.”

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