Our Soliflex Belts Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Soliflex Belts offer:

  • Smooth & solid homogeneous belt surface – no crevices or hinges which can trap bacteria (resulting in longer product shelf life)
  • No fabric layer (no fraying means no product contamination)
  • Conforms to major international food standards
  • Scraper friendly
  • Blue Belt and accessories for increased Food Safety

Soliflex Belts

  • Complies with international Food Grade standards
  • Easy and fast cleaning (uses less water, detergent and time)
  • Excellent product release properties
  • Easy on-site splicing
Soliflex Belts

Soliflex RS

The new Soliflex RS belts are extruded as homogeneous
thermoplastic sheets and have aramid cords to prevent
belt elongation. Produced according to strict specifications,
these sheets can simply be cut to size and welded.

  • 4 Soliflex RS TPU/25 M1T R18 B l. blue FG
  • 4 Soliflex RS TPU/30 l. blue FG

*Consult your local Ammeraal Beltech expert to determine the most appropriate belt type, colour and material combination for your specific requirements and local stock availability. 

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