Use ZipLink in logistics and reduce downtime! Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Parcel sortation facilities often have belts installed in hard-to-reach locations, making it challenging and hazardous to bring in splicing tools. Replacing these belts quickly and easily is difficult. Possible issues could arise from using an external company for fitting jobs, having an inexperienced maintenance team, or handling heavy splicing tools. 

Changing the type or location of the belt is not a viable solution. However, we can ensure that belts can be replaced quickly, easily, and without special tools. With the right solutions, you can have the belt running again within minutes. 

So, what is the correct solution? 


Meet ZipLink®, the latest innovation from Ammeraal Beltech, designed to transform the way you manage your conveyor systems.  

The belt’s design combines cover materials with a spiral, which can be joined at any length with one single pin. As there is no splice area, there are also no weaker points in the whole belt, no extra thickness spots, or metal parts to damage machineries and goods.  

This game-changing belt link insert simplifies belt swapping, reducing maintenance costs. 


ZipLink® benefits 

  • Increased operation time. ZipLink® drastically reduces system downtime with belt installations completed in just minutes, leading to lower maintenance time and costs. 
  • Silent splice. ZipLink® offers a silent splice, unlike mechanical fasteners. It prevents damage to the conveyor and avoids adding load to the belt. 
  • Operational safety. Safe on-site installation is ensured without the need for heavy equipment. 
  • Economical use. With ZipLink®, there is no friction difference between the belt and the insert, resulting in smooth and economical operation. 


Ammeraal Beltech clients utilize ZipLink® in various applications, including gapping, live roller, strip merge, general and incline transport, and high-speed merging. Many ZipLink® users have reduced the time and personnel needed for belt changes by over 50%. 

Do you want to increase your production time and minimize downtime? Go to the link to learn more about ZipLink and our other belts for logistics! 

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