Ultrascreen PRO and Ultrascreen XMD edges Ammeraal Beltech brand bars



The highest standards of Food Safety are the true strength of Ammeraal Beltech. Once more, the top industry engineers have created an outstanding new product in dewatering and drying of washed fresh cut fruit, vegetables, salad leaves and even fish: Ultrascreen PRO belt.

Meet Ultrascreen PRO, a Food Grade belt with perfect tracking.

The Ultrascreen PRO rises the Food Safety standards to a new level. Available in different mesh sizes, the belt can serve in a truly wide range of applications. All of that with the highest hygiene demands met, and additional ISO 22000, EU10/2011 and FDA certifications. Moreover, Ultrascreen PRO belt uses the proven Soliflex PRO lug technology. This gives the belt ultimate tracking and runs almost tensionless. What is more, the Ultrascreen PRO prevents the cracking of v-guides and the tearing out of stainless-steel fasteners.

Ultrascreen XMD edges

Every segment of the Food Industry runs the risk of foreign body contamination, with heavy consequences that include everything from disruptive claims affecting the brand reputation, all the way to very expensive product recalls. For those reasons, we have the Ultrascreen XMD edges available. The edges are X-ray and metal-detectable. Should the edges or cleats pollute your product, it will be picked up by your metal detector.

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Ammeraal Beltech encourages to schedule a meeting with your local representative to test the Ultrascreen Belt Range yourself!

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