Hygienic Amseal: A new level in food safety Ammeraal Beltech brand bars


We’re happy to present you with the innovative edge protection system – Hygienic Amseal. The advancement sets a new standard in sanitation and food safety tools safeguarding the production against foreign body contamination and bacterial proliferation.

The new Hygienic Amseal

Designed to prevent belt edges from fraying and soiling, Hygienic Amseal improves food safety level and ensures compliance with ISO 22000 requirements. Amseal Hygienic offers a solid edge to which food doesn’t stick. This evolution of the classic Amseal is the next step in our commitment to providing the highest level of food safety to food processing companies supporting them in delivering safe and quality products. The technology used in Hygienic Amseal makes the belt edges smooth over its entire length for better sanitation and reduces rough surfaces where dirt and bacteria could proliferate.

Benefits for the food industry

Hygienic Amseal delivers an excellent sanitation level because it is easy to clean and reduces the risk of cross-contamination and fabric soiling. The design translates into a longer service lifetime and cost savings in sanitation times and water/detergent consumption.

‘The strength of this solution lies in the advanced design. It makes sanitation quicker and easier, improving food safety, and ensures the belt is more resistant to wear. What you get is a longer operating time with top hygiene standards’, says Giuseppe Allais, Global Food Manager at the AMMEGA Group.

While Hygienic Amseal is the first-choice solution for food applications, the classic Amseal edge protection system is suitable for a variety of different industries, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, wood lacquering, and airports.

Contact our experts

If you’re interested in Hygienic Amseal and other products improving food safety, contact our experts. We’ll help you choose the best solution for your application.

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