Fabrication & Accessories Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Plain belt material is fabricated to customize the belt to your specifications, for example, cutting to the right length and width.

An important fabrication job is making the belt endless. Belts can be made endless by means of various splicing methods.

Synthetic Belts can also be fitted with accessories such as cleats (also called carriers), ropes and corrugated sidewalls.


All open length belts will need to be secured at either end to complete the loop. Belts can be made endless by means of various splicing methods.

The splice is generally considered to be the weakest point along the belt's length and is most susceptible to damage.

Belts are generally made endless with one of the following splice types:

  • Finger splice
  • Finger-overlap-finger splice
  • Stepped splice
  • Skived splice


Ammeraal Beltech have developed a comprehensive range of profiled belts, capable of meeting all the requirements of industry with respect to efficient product handling.

Practically every belt can be embossed with one of over 80 standard available profiles, while specific requirements can be met with custom engineered solutions.

To give you an impression of the practically unlimited possibilities, a selection of popular profiles are shown here.



Accessories for different purposes are available:

  • Cleats (also called carriers) on the topside of the belt for inclined or declined conveying
  • Bordoflex corrugated sidewalls on the belt sides (top) to prevent spillage on the sides
  • V-guides used as cleat or sidewall
  • V-guides or guide strips on the bottom side of the belt for tracking

Ziplock®: The Simple Belt Swap

Working closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers and End Users Ammeraal Beltech has developed Ziplock®: a special design link belt insert to make easy and fast belt exchange possible.

Main Features

  • Ends are connected by inserting a plastic pin
  • Almost invisible connection
  • Belt cover is continuous over the splice area


  • Minimizes system downtime, reducing maintenance time and cost
  • Silent splice, compared to metal fasteners
  • No damage to the conveyor or load on the belt
  • No heavy equipment needed for safe on-site installation
  • No difference in friction between the belt and the Ziplock insert

Typical Applications

  • Logistics and airport applications: Gapper belts, unloaders and scanning
  • Inaccessible locations such as conveyors at ceiling height, very short conveyors, and built-in conveyors, among others

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