Black Belt in Belting

Smooth Drive - High Speed - Superior Performance

New RAPPLON® Flat Belts

for the Logistics Industry

RAPPLON® High Performance Flat Belts are available in a wide selection of belting solutions for all types of roller drive systems, delivering excellent performance under conditions that may include wide temperature variations, fully loaded stops and starts, incline and decline sections and other operational or environmental challenges.

  • New Black Roller Drive Belts
    Maximum uptime and reliability thanks to the excellent splicing procedure.

  • New Elastic Belts for Segmented conveyors
    Our fit-and-forget solution for a wide range of applications in intralogistics and robotics.
Application Areas:
  • Receiving
  • Order Picking Solutions
  • Sortation
  • Consolidation and Dispatch
  • Storage areas

Quality guaranteed by the RAPPLON® brand!


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