Black Belt in Belting!

New range of RAPPLON® Belts for Logistics Ammeraal Beltech brand bars


Smooth Drive - High Speed - Superior Performance

Ammeraal Beltech introduces the next-gen RAPPLON® High Performance Flat Belts for the Logistics Industry, designed to deliver maximum reliability in all processing steps, whether it's coping with substantial temperature variations, fully loaded stops and starts, incline and decline sections, or any other operational or environmental challenges.

These new black belts are fit-and-forget solutions that enable simplified conveyor designs, e.g. our Elastic Belt solution requires no take-up system, offering durability and precision performance.

Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty Roller Drive Belt was developed specifically for use with heavy loads and long transport sections; its Aramid fabric tensile member gives it extra strength to handle these demanding Live Roller applications. The Polyurethane cover material is extremely wear-resistant and the belt's remarkable flexibility contributes to its overall energy efficiency.

Light roller drive BeltsFor everyone who dislikes downtime, the new black Light Roller Drive Belts, available in a number of standard thicknesses, ranging from 1.6 mm to 4.5 mm, offer reliably efficient performance over a long service life. Made with Fabric tensile members, the belts are impervious to moisture and display exceptional dimensional stability.

Like other RAPPLON® belts, the Light and Heavy Duty Roller Drive black Belts are permanently anti-static, so they aren’t prone to maintenance issues such as those stemming from dust build-up. They're also designed as QuickSplice belts, making any splice as simple and as quick to do as possible, with failure-free joints and a seam area that results in uniform thickness over the entire length of the belt.

The new range of Elastic Belts are designed for slider-bed applications or belt-over-roller conveyors, and can run bi-directionally, making them ideal for use with AGV robot load-carriers, enabling next-generation logistics robots to load or unload goods in advanced fulfilment centres or warehouses. What's more, they're extremely energy-efficient.

The new RAPPLON® HPFB black belts for Logistics carry on the tradition of innovation and reliability for which Ammeraal Beltech is known throughout the Logistics Industry.

Watch the RAPPLON video below!


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