Food Safety Belting Solutions Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

Food Safety is of paramount importance in the Food Processing Industry; consumers and governments alike have insisted on ever-higher standards that can only be achieved through the implementation of stringent sanitation practices. Selecting the correct belt is a critical component in a total plant hygiene and sanitation strategy. Through its ongoing introduction of innovative hygiene solutions, Ammeraal Beltech continues to prove its commitment to quality and Food Safety for the Food Industry. Our comprehensive product range offers Food-Safe cost-effective conveying solutions in a wide variety of application conditions.

Below is a selection from the ever-increasing list of hygienic belting solutions that Ammeraal Beltech can offer you:

  • KleenEdge non-fray Belts
  • Metal-detectable belts and accessories
  • Pin-less easy-to-clean Modular Belts
  • AntiMicrobial Belts (AM)
  • Pop-up Flight for hygienic product support
  • Amseal sealed belt edges
  • Volta Homogeneous Belts
  • TPN Footless carriers
  • Light blue belts for easier detection of contaminants or hygiene issues
  • UltraClean non-stick compound Belts
  • Matt M1 non-stick belt finish
  • Nonex and Ropanyl crack-free covers
  • Non-wicking – impregnation on fabric side
Setting the Food Safety standard in belting technology for the Food Industry

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