Positive Drive Belts

Volta Belting’s positive drive flat belts are uniquely designed to overcome the numerous shortcomings associated with conventional conveyor belts:

  • Suitability in wet (even submerged)
  • Conditions without off-tracking and without the need for friction rollers
  • Saving on conveyor design

Bringing the food processing industry closer to its goal of providing safe, affordable food for all. The food-grade belts are FDA/USDA/USDA Dairy approved and conform to EC regulations. The materials also support HACCP principles and are suited to CIP procedures.


Recognized worldwide as the best choice when efficiency and hygiene are essential.

Material Features

  • Smooth, homogeneous surface without crevices prevents bacteria and biofilm buildup
  • No ply or edge fraying, compared with fabric belts; no hinges, moving parts and pins, compared with modular belts
  • Simple, more hygienic conveyor construction; no heavy friction pulleys
  • Reduced product waste
  • Works with HACCP systems and standard hygiene / sanitation regimens (CIP)
  • USDA/FDA certified EC approved

Mini SuperDrive™

The MiniSD™ design is similar to the world leader, Volta SuperDrive™; scaled down for a smaller minimum pulley. Extruded from a unique material for enhanced hydrolytic and chemical resistance.

Mini SuperDrive™


Volta Belting’s DualDrive positive drive belts lower the cost of ownership due reduced consumption of water and chemicals, reduced maintenance and sanitation costs and reduced downtime. Lower bacteria counts deliver a significantly more hygienic product with improved shelf life.

Material Features

  • Smooth and textured belt surfaces
  • No fraying, delamination or detaching of flights, compared with coated plied belts
  • No fragmenting or chipping, compared with modular belts
  • No crevices or links that harbor bacteria
  • Easily and effectively cleaned

Mini DualDrive™

A scaled-down version of the original DualDrive™ tooth geometry.

Mini DualDrive™

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