Engineered Belts

In addition to the more common belts we keep in stock, we also have a vast range of custom made belt options available for clients to choose from.

With our Engineered Belts we pay special attention to the individual requirements of your plant or machinery. Even extremes of strength, exact dimensional tolerances and surface quality specification can be catered for using our modern fabrication techniques.

  • Examples


    Ammeraal Beltech Engineered Belts, assorted with different types of extra cover materials, are designed to meet customer specifications.

    We understand your processes and equipment and can provide the right solution for your business.

    We support your HACCP program efforts too.

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  • Covering Materials

    Covering Materials

    Ammeraal Beltech’s range of Covering Materials consists of more than 60 different types divided into 4 segments (Rubber, PU & PVC, Cellular and special Covering Materials) allowing us to customise belts for specific applications.

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  • Fabrication & Accessories

    Fabrication & Accessories

    Semi-finished belts can be customized to exact requirements.

    In our fabrication centers, belts are trimmed to size for length and width. Belts can be made endless by means of various splicing methods and can be engineered with holes and grooves.

    They can also be fitted with accessories such as carriers, ropes, cleats and sidewalls.

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Engineering for your business by Ammeraal Beltech

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