Cog-Veyor Belting

Cog-Veyor is a solid one piece, Polyester or Urethane construction, making it sanitary, flexible, non-pourous, non fraying and cut resistant. It is exceptionally strong for heavy duty applications, such as boning belts and is a popular choice for many food processing applications where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

Cog-Veyor Belting

Thanks to its simple yet reliable design, Cog-Veyor provides incredible flexibility. When used on a gooseneck conveyor, the belt can be driven either from the top or bottom of the conveyor, forward or reverse, depending on your needs.



Cog-Veyor is the ideal choice for many applications. It is cut, chemical and abrasion resistant.

It is FDA/USDA approved for direct food contact and is easily cleaned to maintain its hygienic properties.



We carry both solid and split sprockets to give you design and maintenance flexibility for any conveyor system.

Our engineers are available to provide assistance for your next project to ensure complete satisfaction.


Cog-Veyor Belting

Cog-Veyor offers a wide variety of conveying solutions that can be used for many different applications.

Cog-Veyor simplicity & durability

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