Ammeraal Beltech introduces AMMdurance

Sustainability only pays off if it can be sustained!

Reduced Friction = Energy Savings

Introducing AMMdurance

Airports and logistics companies are facing growing pressure to reduce energy consumption and emissions.

Ammeraal Beltech developed a specially formulated dry fabric treatment that, when applied to the underside of our proven EX low-noise fabric, reduces friction between the belt and the underlying machinery. Less friction enables reduced power usage.

And so the industry’s most energy-efficient belt was born: Ammeraal Beltech’s AMMdurance.

Where sustainability meets endurance

Contamination free = longer belt life

Unlike quick wearing/migrating coatings, which help reduce short-term friction but can act like a magnet attracting dirt, our special dry treatment in conjunction with EX fabrics, protects the belt’s fabric, preventing contamination and subsequent shrinkage. In this way AMMdurance belts maintain an energy efficient running condition for longer.

The result is superior long-term endurance combined with stable, long-lasting performance.
Because sustainability only pays off when it’s sustained.

Choose AMMdurance for exceptional long-term results:

  • Consistent energy savings
  • Reduced ecological footprint
  • Less contamination and belt shrinkage
  • Longer belt life
  • Minimized maintenance and downtime
  • Superior savings and profitability over time


Ammeraal’s AMMdurance belt, with its protective dry fabric treatment:


Other belt concepts with traditional quick wearing/migrating coatings:
Quick wearing/migrating coatings attract dirt, grime and pollutants causing belts to wear and shrink. This leads to higher energy consumption and shorter belt life.
“AMMdurance, the most energy-efficient conveyor belt on the market.”

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