SEPEM Nord Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

24-01-2023 until 26-01-2023

Ammeraal Beltech is happy to announce that it will be present at SEPEM NORD 2023. The event takes place at Gayant Expo in Douai from 24 to 26 January.

In this article, you will learn:

  • more about SEPEM NORD 2023, 
  • Ammeraal Beltech portfolio for industry maintenance. 


We cannot wait to join SEPEM NORD, the event gathering all professionals engaged in developing and implementing innovations in their industries. This edition will address maintenance tools to ensure the proper functioning of plants, equipment to improve the productivity of the production line, the protection and safety of employees and machines, sustainability and the transformation into factories of the future. Ahead of us, there are 3 days full of know-how sessions, presentations, workshops and networking.

What industry representatives can you meet at the exhibition? The major branches include:

  • metallurgy/iron and steel, 
  • automotive, 
  • machinery manufacturing and tooling, 
  • food, 
  • mechanics/boilermaking/surface treatment.

The city of Douai

The location of SEPEM NORD is special. The hosting city, Douai, lies in the Hauts-de-France region. It’s the heart of the Paris-Brussels-London triangle and, more broadly, of the whole Northern Europe. No less than five European capitals are located within a radius of 300 kilometers. This extremely privileged geographical location makes the region a real strategic crossroads for manufacturers, carriers and logisticians.

Ammeraal Beltech solutions

The objectives of the conference are what Ammeraal Beltech aligns to. We value sustainability and efficiency of production lines, and that is why we cannot miss SEPEM NORD.

At our booth, you’ll get to know the best solutions for different industry branches. Here’s just a short list of the portfolio we’re going to present.

  • Synthetic belts - for heavy processing and conveying applications that require strength, stability and impact resistance. 
  • Modular belts - known for their low noise, durability, and ability to be shaped into almost any length and width. Various accessories are available to customise the belts, including a pop-up flight. Designed for elevator conveyors, a pop-up flight supports the food as it moves up and holds it steady. It then pops down to be cleaned by an automatic scraper. 
  • Soliflex belts - a perfect match for the food industry due to their smooth surface, reducing the risk of bacterial growth. Soliflex belts are meant to prolong product shelf life and provide the ultimate level of food safety standards. Their cleaning is easy and requires less water, detergent and time.
  • AMMdrive belts - positive driven synthetic belts, hygienic and easy to clean, used in many applications in almost every industry.

Our company can help you design the best solution for your needs from the very beginning. When a project is approved, we proceed to the production of your belts. All raw materials are also manufactured by us. At the end, we’ll assist you with the installation, visiting your site and making sure the proposed solution works properly.

Meet us in Douai! 

Are we going to meet? We’ll be waiting for you with the above-mentioned solutions (and more). If you don’t want to miss our news, make sure to follow Ammeraal Beltech on LinkedIn!

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