EHEDG World Congress on Hygienic Engineering and Design Ammeraal Beltech brand bars

12-10-2022 until 13-10-2022

We’re happy to announce that Ammeraal Beltech will attend EHEDG World Congress on Hygienic Engineering and Design! The event takes place in Munich, Germany from 12 to 13 October 2022

  • EHEDG World Congress on Hygienic Engineering and Design will focus on food safety and compliance, digitalisation and intelligent food production.
  • A special networking evening will be held at historic Hofbräuhaus am Platzl in Munich.
  • Ammeraal Beltech will present innovative products, including Dectyl and UltraScraper.

About EHEDG 

EHEDG World Congress on Hygienic Engineering and Design is one of the most important events concerning food safety and hygiene. It is organised by EHEDG, which full name stands for European Hygienic Equipment Design Group. Though based in Europe, the association is engaged in over 40 countries all over the world. Since its very beginning, it has been devoted to the advancement of hygienic engineering and design in all areas of food production, and thus to ensuring the safe production of food. The EHEDG certifies hygienic components only if they pass theoretical and practical tests. It also provides practical guidance on how to meet food safety regulations, shares guidelines and resources and runs trainings. Members of the organisation include equipment manufacturers, food industries, research institutes and public health authorities.

EHEDG World Congress on Hygienic Engineering and Design

This year food industry stakeholders, food equipment suppliers, developers and system integrators, scientists and legislators from all over the world meet up at Science Congress Centre of the Technical University of Munich to exchange views, ideas and best practices on topics like:

  • food safety and compliance, 
  • digitalisation,
  • intelligent food production.

The congress will be a great opportunity to connect and gain new insights into the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of hygienic design. View full programme here and register for the event

Each year, EHEDG plans a special social highlight. This time it will be an invitation to congress dinner at Hofbräuhaus am Platzl, where all attendants will have the opportunity to network at a traditional Bavarian evening with regional music and food.

We’re flying to Munich!

Our company, Ammeraal Beltech, joins the congress to meet you and discuss hygiene and food safety. In Munich, you will get to know some of our groundbreaking solutions for food industry. Our history started with innovative belts for the bakery, and now we can boast about a whole portfolio of products improving food production. 

At Science Congress Centre, we will present among others Dectyl - metal detectable synthetic belt for improved food safety. This recent development protects your products from the risk of pollution from broken plastic belt parts. With Dectyl, you may protect your brand reputation and avoid expensive product recalls. 

We’ve also developed an accompanying series of test cards for you to check the detectability and the minimum detectable belt part size. We understand that minimum detectable size depends on various factors, including metal detector, belt speed, vibrations or the product itself. Use the cards to test the sensitivity level of your metal detector.

At the congress, you will also have a chance to get familiar with our UltraScraper. In food industry, we use scrapers to clean the belt and enhance hygiene. Our scrapers are metal detectable and have antimicrobial properties. They ensure safety of the production line, excellent cleaning effectiveness and longer belt and scraper lifetime. 

Join the congress!

As you see, there’s a lot ahead of us! Join EHEDG World Congress on Hygienic Engineering and Design and use the chance to improve your business. And if you don’t want to miss our coverage, follow Ammeraal Beltech on LinkedIn.

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