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One of the world's leading companies
in process and conveyor belting...

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Coating and Lamination


Ammeraal Beltech, one of the leading suppliers in Europe in the belting area, specialises in coating and laminating the most diverse technical fabrics and sheet materials. 


Using double belt presses, lamination systems, extruders and mixers in a production space of over 8,000 m2, Ammeraal Beltech Switzerland offers an almost endless choice of product combinations for the manufacture of simple or complex composites.




Airbag coating

The first airbags were coated at the Ammeraal Beltech Switzerland plant in cooperation with the German automotive industry in 1997. This facility is now the largest airbag coating enterprise in Europe.

"20 Years of Airbag Coating"
1997 - 2017




Areas of application:

  • Coatings in the sports segment
  • Foil lamination for the automotive industry
  • Decor in interior design
  • Multilayer filter membranes
  • Release liners in the timber and paper industry




Ammeraal Beltech Switzerland:

  • 8,000 m2 production space
  • 95 employees
  • Competence Centre for Coating and Lamination 
  • 20 years of airbag coating (1997 – 2017)
  • ISO 9001-2008 / ISO 14001


More about Coating & Lamination:

High Performance Coating (HPC)

High Performance Lamination (HPL)



● PU - TPE
• Elastomers
• PA - PES glass fibre fabrics
• Aramide fabric
• Nonwovens and paper
• Steel and aluminium foils
• Bonding agents and adhesive films




● Airbag fabrics
• Balloon fabrics
• Filter fabrics
• Release liner
• Conveyor and process belts
• High performance flat belts
• Aluminium and metal laminates



• Antistatic
• Hydrophobic
• Antibacterial
• Gas-impermeable
• Phosphorescent


Contact us:

Tel: +41 55 225 3632



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