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August 2015


New RAPPLON® food-grade elastic belts from Ammeraal Beltech 

Visitors to Stand 366/Hall A5 at IBA 2015, 12-17 September, will be able to evaluate for themselves the unique features of Ammeraal Beltech’s new RAPPLON® food-grade elastic belts for the food industry. Combining easy installation with food safety and hygiene, these new high-performance elastic polyurethane belts have been designed specifically for food processing and packaging applications. Made from homogeneous plastic (no fabric fraying risk) and easy to clean, they meet food grade standards EC 1935/2004, EU 10/2011 and FDA.


Safe, clean, versatile

The Rapplon® UU N16 SP5 Q FG belt is particularly suited to the needs of small conveyors such as finger spreaders. The combination of polyurethane and a profiled conveying side make the belts ideal for carrying a wide range of fresh sticky doughs, and their excellent release properties have already been demonstrated in real-time use by many customers. Opinions expressed by food industry customers confirm that Ammeraal Beltech have achieved their ambitious goal: to deliver perfectly balanced, optimal belt tension and good dough release properties, even with several different types of dough on the production line. Good lateral flexibility and the addition of the special Rapplon finger splice feature complete the general picture.


Technical detail

The belts do not require an extensive take-up system, thanks to their wide elongation range. Their applied tension levels at installation remain stable over their entire service life, so they are maintenance-free. The unique Rapplon QuickSplice joining system delivers accurate and effective splicing, so that food production personnel can themselves easily and quickly remove and replace belts without the need for outside fitters. As a result, production downtime is reduced and belt life is extended.


Live at IBA 2015

Ammeraal Beltech food industry specialists will be on hand on the IBA stand to provide more in-depth information, and to discuss visitors’ special needs.  

For further information, you can also contact Giuseppe Allais, global Food Industry Segment Manager at Ammeraal Beltech at:




RAPPLON food-grade elastic belts



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